Teejays Latest 2012 Collection by Feeha Jamshed

Teejays by Feeha Jamshed

Teejays is a label renown for years for its exclusive and stylish outfits. Feeha Jamshed is the daughter of ingenious and illustrious Tanveer Jamshed. Tanveer is a well known designer and one of the pioneers who created an awareness of style and fashion among Pakistanis with the help of his signature brand of exclusive clothing Teejays. It was founded in the year 1970. Fareeha Jamshed is the sole heir to the brand Teejays. She has been creating and working with her friend named Rizwanullah under this eponymous label.

Feeha is fresh, unique and progressive in her creations. Her designs are contemporary and appealing. She likes to take risks with her modern and unconventional cuts. She tries to create designs that depart from feminine norms.

Teejays exclusive collectionsconsist of clothing line that is made with fine and excellent quality material. They have created exciting and trendy clothes that are really comfortable to wear. They are latest, stylish and charming. They will help to turn out your looks and make you look stand out in crowd. The colors used are also basic and striking that could be suitably worn by everyone. The tailoring is also done perfectly with different cuts, twists and turns that has provided base and class to the entire collection.

Feeha Jamshed is an evolving designer. Her designed outfits will make you stand out. She believes in enhancing and portraying the style and strength of women through her creative and stylish designs. Her designs are modern and contemporary that break through traditional old barriers. She always tries to fuse and blend the traits from East and West. This let her to create truly stylish, unique and trendy ensembles that are ideal for the contemporary girls and women of Pakistan. So go ahead and check out her latest collection.