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Phatyma Khan Eid Dresses 2013 for Women

All the women out there just get ready because Phatyma Khan Eid dresses 2013 for women has been all exploded on the fashion planet. But before beginning with the collection highlights we will firstly going to mention about the brand information. Phatyma Khan has been one of the readily renowned and one of the talented fashion designers in Pakistan. This designer gives away her look inside the fashion globe in 2012 and for the last two years this designer has been swiftly touching the sky limits. Phatyma Khan main product lines fall inside the formal wear, casual wear and even with the ready to wear clothes as well. The way she installs her collection clothes with the western and eastern designs is one of such feature that has made her so favorite amongst the fashion lovers.

Recently, Phatyma Khan has highlighted the fabulous collection of Eid dresses 2013 for women. Through this collection the designer has make the filling of the long shirts that are set with the company of tights, trousers and churidar pajamas. In addition the designer has also set the short shirts in this subjected collection as well that are paired with the palazzo pants. Let’s have quick look at some of the pictures about Phatyma Khan Eid dresses 2013 for women. The decoration of the Eid dresses have been over and done with the embroidery along with angrakha styling o artistic cuts and huge hues too.

All the dresses are painted in the gorgeous looking bright and dark looking colorful shades that are adding out with the appearance of red, white, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, brown and so many others. Simply this Eid dresses by Phatyma Khan has been excellent terrific trendy looking and is awesomely intended by the women. We are sure that just like each year this year as well her Eid collection will stole the heart beats of the fashion lovers.