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Pakistani Model Natasha Hussain Pictures And Profile

Here come the details of Natasha Hussain personal and professional life. She is known by the nick name of Natty. For the information of the readers, Natasha Hussain is currently working as an actress, model and a host. She has done various ramp shows and has also done photo shoots for various renowned and reputed brands. Basically and primarily, she gained name and fame from her modeling and hosting career. Even she is married and has a daughter; still she has maintained herself a lot and has an ideal figure. Till now, she is now been considered as a show stopper or show opener by various big fashion designers. She loves reading books. She said:

‘’I have been an avid reader since childhood. And I am Enid Blyton fan and have large collection of Blyton books like the Famous Five, Secret Seven series and others are in a bookshelf in which is present in my father’s house’’.

She also said:

“I would save my pocket money to buy the books of Enid Blyton and would not stop until I had bought all that were available. My daughter has started reading them. Whenever she goes to my father’s place, she brings back a few to read. It feels nice to see her enjoying what I used to enjoy once.”

Her favorite actors are Shahrukh Khan, Harrison Ford and Michael Douglas. According to her, Sharon Stone are one of the classiest actresses of Hollywood. She is a married woman having a daughter right now.

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