All the stylish ladies out there, here is a good news for you all. Here comes a lipstick that has power to stay on your lips for as long as 14 hours! Maybelline brings you a wondrous lip color that would neither smudge nor vanish any time soon.

Product Claims:

Maybelline claims that the Super stay 14 hour lipstick has ultra light formula that makes it stay for as long as 14 hours. Available in 20 chic yet classy shades, this lipstick is designed so as to give a fresh, light and comfortable feeling. It has a high pigmentation factor, which will give lips a supple look.


1. Available in 20 shades, the brand provides countless options.

2. Does not smudge any time soon.

3. It has a very smooth texture, which is why it glides so well.

4. Has a decent vanilla flavored fragrance.


1. Priced at 525 INR, the product may seem expensive to some.

2. Not feasible for those who have dry, chapped lips. You need to exfoliate lips well before applying it.