How To Get The Perfect Legs!!

Do you feel hideous or shy when it comes to wearing short dresses just because you have dreadful scars and stretch marks on your legs? After all, not all of us possess lean and appealing legs. But, no worries as through a few makeup tricks we can get the desired celebrity look. Leg makeup helps to reflect shiny and younger looking legs.

Steps for the perfect leg make up -:

1.Exfoliate your legs with an apricot or walnut scrub. This will remove unwanted tan and dead skin cells from legs.

2.Massage your legs with a soothing moisturizer. Let it sink in to the skin completely.

3.Now start with the appropriate leg make up-:

Types of make up-: 

Liquid make up

Liquid make up gives an optimum greasy look to the legs. But it may turn messy. The best way to avoid the mess is to apply it on a sponge and then blend it to the skin using circular motion.

Spray On

It is the easiest way to obtain full body coverage. These products are convenient to spray and spread.


A cake gives an absolutely ravishing look. Although it is extremely time consuming, this product is sure to give a flawless look with a longer lasting formula. Since, the cakes give heavy coverage, they may cause break outs with continuous use.

  How To Get The Perfect Legs!!

4. After applying the right amount of make up, brush in some shimmer to the front of your calves. This will enhance the length of your legs.

5.To add shimmer and shine to your legs, apply bronzer evenly using a sponge.

6. People who do not have well sculptured legs can opt for contour technique.

7. During day time avoid using heavy leg make up. Instead apply a sufficient amount of baby oil and massage it. This will give you the perfect moisturized yet shiny look.