Get Rid Of Dark Knuckles In 3 Simple Steps

Get Rid Of Dark Knuckles In 3 Simple Steps

Gone are the times when the looks of a person were limited only up to his or her face. A person’s over all look is decided by how groomed his hands and legs are. The most common beauty ailment faced by most of us is dark knuckles. Here are easy home remedies that will help in getting rid of dark knuckles in 3 simple steps.


Knuckles turn dark when they accumulate dead skin. In order to remove the dead cells from the skin, it is essential that one should follow the exfoliation process. Use a pumice stone for best results.

Sugar & Lemon Juice

Sugar and lemon when mixed together make an excellent scrub. Rub this mixture over knuckles twice a week for about a month. This will eventually help in revealing beautiful knuckles.

Vitamin E with Milk Cream

Take Vitamin E capsules and add its content to milk cream solution. Apply this mixture as a moisturiser twice a day on daily basis.