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Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model

For the information of the readers, Arij Fatyma was born in USA and she belongs to a Muslim family. She is one of the emerging Pakistani actresses and models. She spent most of her childhood in USA and after some time period she moved to Pakistan to get start with her career line. As she has spent most of her childhood in USA, this is the fact that she does not how to read Urdu in a proper way and manner. In one of her interviews, she said:

Haha, even though I am doing soaps and serials, i do not know how to read Urdu. I have to sit for hours prior to my shoots and get help translating the script into Roman English.

Professional Life of Arij Fatyma:

Two years back, Arij Fatyma started her professional life. She started her career line in the field of modeling and later on moved on the Pakistan television industry. She was inspired from this field. She said:

Inspiration of Arij Fatyma:

Arij Fatyma has always take inspiration from television actors and actresses. According to her, fashion industry will remain the same but in this Tv industry you will learn a lot of new things

Achievements of Arij Fatyma:

One of her biggest and massive achievements is that Arij Fatyma represented an international makeup brand known by the name of Color Studio Professional.

Serials done by Arij Fatyma:

  • Sabz Qadam
  • Shaddan
  • Sabz Pari Laal Kabooter

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