5 Foundations Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many people have a conscience which says that make up hides a woman’s natural beauty and makes you look unattractive. This is because they fail to comprehend the fact that make up when applied in a right way will actually magnify the beauty a woman.

One of the most common make up faux that we come across is foundation application. To get the flawless look devoid of any visible make up traces, here are a few mistakes one should always avoid.

1.Choosing The Wrong Shade

You are dusky but applying a foundation which is meant for fair skin. What can one expect? Nothing but a white powered complexion which makes you look no less than the clown.

So, it always advised to choose a foundation color which which matches the most to your actual skin tone. While buying the same, always go for a prior testing under ceiling lights as well as in natural light.

2.Mishandling The Quantity

In oder to look impeccable, many women apply too much of foundation. It will not only make you look like a cake face but can also cause skin problems by clogging pores.

3.Skipping A Moisturizer / Base Primer

Before applying foundation, always go for a primer or a moisturizer no matter what type of skin (dry or oily) you have. This will help the foundation glide smoothly all over the face.

4.Missing The Blending Part

Some women think it’s all done once the foundation is being applied, but the actual works starts here. It is quite essential to blend in the foundation completely in to the skin. You can make use of a sponge or a kabuki brush for the same. This will avoid the chances of discoloration over neck and face.

5.Not Setting Your Foundation

The last but not the least, is to set your foundation. Setting the foundation using a translucent powder will help in setting the make up for longer duration.

5 Foundations Mistakes You Should Avoid